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The Dark Tower 1 The Gunslinger

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  • kurochama

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    Nice, but definitely not for beginners

    Well, because I usually test in singleplayer to test the difficulty level, this was the first map I considered as "map not for beginners" even in normal difficulty. I can finish it with bots because I used my custom weapon mods to fight through horde & escape from the endless horde in map 3. Even I restarted once inside the cave because the bots got to far & were just dancing around on their locations. You only get pistols on early maps & you'll fight against horde, SI & Tank with mostly pistols on early maps. The maps also lack hints, so if you find some, follow it carefully as the maps are mostly in wide areas.
    If you insist on trying, here are few clues & guides from me:
    - If you play with bots, make sure you use custom weapon mods or modified weapon script mods as you can't hardly depend on bots with pistols
    - On map 1 & 2, look for few arrows & follow them & don't break them or you'll get lost. Beware of safe house on map 1 & 2
    - On map 3, follow the arrow & keep running while looking out of Special Infected amidst the horde or around you
    - On map 4, sweep the border/ forest wall
    - Map 5, look for the witches & climb to mountain
    - Map 6, don't get too far as bot navigation is limited inside cave
    - Finale, go back to the safe house & follow the path until you meet a big book as a floor up the stairs. That's the rescue point.
    & then, it's time for review.
    - Wide open areas in most maps, so that makes it easier to spot SI & fight tank.
    - Bot navigation is ok (but there's minor cons about this too) .
    - The medkit & pill supplies are enough.
    - No crash.
    - The hints & arrows are too few. You may get lost if running randomly without following the arrows
    - Lack of weapons of higher tiers on early maps
    - It's still possible in normal, but really difficult on expert to fight tank on early maps especially map 1 with only dual pistols if the horde is joining the tank
    - Map 3, the runaway through endless horde, can be difficult if someone forgets the direction of the arrow in the middle of running. Several SI also come when arrived on certain location, often blending with the horde
    - Map 4 & 5 lack hints & arrows so someone will get lost if not sticking to the forest wall & looking for witches
    - On map 6, bots become silly dancing around if you walk too far from them
    - On map 6 near the train with ammo pile & some supplies, there's a trap supposed not to be there. There's another train behind the rocks, which is a trap. If some players jump there, they'll find nothing & instead, they're trapped as to get out of there they need to jump back on the rocks that can make them stuck, or they need to use noclip. This area should be blocked by a wall so that no players will be trapped (bots are ok as they can teleport anytime they get stuck).
    - On finale, the rescue is not highlighted nor there isn't any hint so it makes the finale difficult if someone has to search the entire area through horde & tank to find out the rescue location (which is actually very simple) .
    I give 4 stars because of too few hints, bot navigation getting a problem inside the cave, & no highlight or hints to the rescue on the finale. But I enjoyed the map as the map worked well & no crash happened till the end. Good work. I'll keep this map to play later & challenge myself again :) .

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