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    What A Challenge! On Expert I did it... A review + some Hints

    I saw it and wanted to try it XD Did it on Expert Single Player Mode in only 3 Hours & 2 minutes & 12 Restarts !!! 
    Chapter 1 : Passed it from the first time while zombies and tank along with special infected were chasing us XD a bot fell down, but managed to rise again and make its way to safe room which i found by accident :p 
    Chapter 2 : Had to restart it once although i managed to get to so closer to safe room, but a nasty smoker grabbed me while i faced it with my back fighting hordes that were chasing me since i opened the safe room and that bad so bad panic event started and thought it was just for few seconds then it's over, but no, it kept going and i kept shooting until i decided to leave and run just run and shoot with my Magnum <3 It was Intense!! 
    Chapter 3 : Had to restart it once too and i hated to get closer to any building as crazy spawns of hordes and specials will take place around those buildings or any objects like trees or rocks so i kept moving without stopping to make my way to the next safe room as soon as possible... Right Click and Shoot while using some bombs... [ kept a bile bomb ] just in case i am in a big trouble ;) 
    Chapter 4 : Did it from first time and left the last bot behind getting eaten by zombies after i threw my pipe bomb when i got into the woods area with many trees and i passed by the safe room by mistake so i took a U turn around a barn with my magnum XD it was funny and terrifying AF  when you are getting chased from everywhere holding your magnum and you are the only one alive playing this for the first time i made the U turn and jumped into the safe room ... 
    Chapter 5 : Managed to do it from the first time too!!! It was the longest chapter, but didn't stop for too much just ran and shoot with my poor bots who barely helped. It was really long terrifying way up that mountain. One bot managed to make it to safe room, but a lame bot got incapacitated by zombies so the stupid bot went to help and all got incapacitated. I don't care i got the first primary weapon in campaign that i found outside XD and stayed inside till all died. 
    Chapter 6 : I could beat it from second time and again i was so close to safe room on first attempt, but it was pitch black on that railroad and never expected that it was nothing on both, right and left of that railway so while trying to avoid the walking crying *itch XD to fly down and die. Loved the light switches that go off on their own and that light switch trap got me XD . It was a pitch black tunnel, but i was so careful. 
    Finale: Restarted 9 times and was literally helpless as i tried to stand on the top of mountain thinking it was easier up there, but hordes came from everywhere while bots couldn't stop them on sight due to their lame pistols. Tried to hide into safe room and make the best use of any glitches especially for Tank when it comes because it was the real trouble out there. Managed to use a glitch and make 2 tanks on an attempt stuck till rescue came, but hordes were blocking the way by the safe room door and i didn't know that Rescue it on the very close right to my spot. The time I passed that chapter, i was standing outside in the spot where ammo pile and bile bomb exist so when tank comes and it comes mostly from far away, i through the Molotov and keep moving with the lame bots around while shooting zombies attacking at the same time tank is chasing us. All bots were incapacitated and i was running here and there searching for the rescue spot that i never knew while hordes and tank were chasing me i ran and ran and ran and only killed with my sweet Magnum :) Right Click & shoot i don't know how i managed to do it to move around and between zombies who were still hittin those poor bots, who made some time for me and after i went to far West from the safe room i got back to East from the high cliff in front of safe room to find that flying platform waiting .... All bots died and that was exactly what happened on every chapter i passed as i mostly passed it alone and all bots were dead then.

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