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    -Cool Setting
    -Like the special features of the map(lights lighting out and tank chambers)
    -Map had small and awesome maze
    -Great atmosphere
    -Very Challenging


    -Spawn Room was too small and all good weapons were stolen already before I could even get one
    -Wall textures were lacking
    -Map was too small in each category, especially the sharp turns
    -Bots didn't react as smart as they did in other survival maps


    The map itself is ok, but needs more work. I feel this map had no creativity at all. I really liked the atmosphere and and how difficult it was to survive (example: weapons and supplies are scattered everywhere), but this map should not be in its "complete" state. I hope this map is updated and is better than I see it now. 
    Overall, I think this map is good enough for a normal survival map, except it isn't normal LOL. ( cuz it's in space :D )

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