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Space Trip REVAMP (port)

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  • kurochama

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    Just simply playable

    Just as the title said, this campaign is just simply playable.It's a really short campaign.It somehow lacks adventure, like, only few seconds of walking & then you'll arrive at the saferoom. Even on map 2, the next saferoom door is just few meters ahead. Bot navigation is good. Directions are clear but some switches don't glow. There's a bug about certain survivors getting stuck in the wall on map 3, but they will be teleported back. The finale in Mars is wide but, well, it's bland. The animation on the rescue plane also looks weird, just like a dragged object & it might need some fixing. Probably it could be a better campaign if it's tweaked to be a longer campaign. But well, it's a very old campaign, so there's nothing to do.
    Well in short, if you want to play a campaign that ends in less than 10 minutes, you can try this.

    Edited: October 2022

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