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Escape From Valencia

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  • lingdai

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    Good Map, but lack of details

    The whole map basically is walking around the city, and getting to a station for rescue. However, the process is boring, there is nothing in the gigantic shopping mall, nothing in the city, it is just big. My friend just disconnected because he just doesn't have enough patience. The shopping mall doesn't really doing a great job, although it did make me remind the valve-made campaign "Dead Centre" but it just too big. Things will go far better if the whole shopping center is smaller, it takes age to get to the safe house and there is nothing really interesting because of the repetitive. Also, there are many dead space in the mall. Fortunately, the finale, the rescue part is quite good I would say, The subway station won't need much details so it works totally fine there, it was fun to see the bot get run over by the rain.
    Just forget to say that, the bot have troubles going through the map, especially with ladders.

    Edited: June 2022

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