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    The Hive

    Update: A serious issue that caused low-spec computers (or systems with low graphic settings configured in L4D2) to crash has been fixed. I hope this seriously improves your experience with this campaign The Hive is a remake of the Hosp...

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    Nachos Pizza Survival

    Nachos Pizza has been prepared for the zombie apocalypse, the owner Nacho has built a secret underground fortified base with a private helicopter surrounding the building to survive. -Helicopter flies around Nachos Pizza (Touch the red ...

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    Escape From Valencia

    4 custom maps based on real places from Valencia, Spain. Coop, versus and survival modes available. Some minor bugs are known, but the campaign is fully functional. It includes models and textures deleted by Valve's last update, so no pa...

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    Simplicity Beta
    Beta N/A

    Expect to have many dynamic escape routes. After a worthwhile of 5 months, I've finally managed to finish V1.7 & 8 introducing many new features.


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