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  • EshmawyMan

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    Not bad, not complete.

    I took like an hour to finish your incomplete campaign, playing for the first time in Expert Single Player Mode.  You can check my game play through this YouTube playlist that consists of 3 videos, a video for each chapter. Check the link below:
    Copy the link above, paste it to search bar, remove \ from h\t\t\ps & c\o\m, then press Enter.
    I did play Duke Nukem game, but it wasn't the 3D version. I enjoyed it for sure. Those 90s or 80s games are the best. So I don't have clues if your campaign really reflected that 3D game or not. Yes, I could see many doors that seemed not regular L4D doors, but they were opened and led to other places and rooms. Also, that disco music in chapter 2 where the 3 witches were waiting reminds me with that Duke Nukem game at certain areas as far as I remember. I played the only Duke Nukem game back in 2014 :) 
    Ch1: is the shortest. However, I restarted it once. That panic event where zombies never stop made me lose as we were far down there and most bots were down. When I restarted, I made sure bots are up there waiting to block zombies when the door is opened and that switch upstairs just vanished, but I just pressed E where that button was in the previous attempt and it really worked as the panic event started. I found a bile bomb, but didn't need to use it and finished that chapter easily. 
    Ch2: is longer than chapter 1 and it's funny to see that revolving door where that poor boomer spawned, showing me the way. Once I found more than 2 cops while clearing the area inside, I thought that the panic event for this chapter will have more cops so I grabbed that chainsaw, but later I swapped with the police baton. You mixed 2 panic events together and that explosion is really really good. So it may be from DN3D? That 2nd panic event with the 3 witches was the funniest as 2 witches chased the poor Rochelle:) while hordes were messy after I used the bile XD Didn't expect it's that short though.
    Ch3: is longer than chapter 2, but not much longer. Is that moving machine from DN3D too? it was good and nothing hard about it. Zombies tended to spawn from thin air right before the opened door of that panic event. I thought that chapter 3 was a rescue chapter and you just made a shortcut because you were lazy to finish that campaign, but came out to be easier in a way from chapter 2.
    Players left comments about the campaign brightness and how it's dark, but it was ok for me. The opening scene was good and the background music was perfectly set. I found that grenade launcher on the right up the banner :) 
    I don't know if you are still there to check our reviews, but it's been really long since you stopped working on this campaign. Good Luck.

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