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A Forgotten Place

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  • kurochama

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    Another favourite campaign next to the old Silent Hill

    Actually I ever tested the old one when there were no map 2,3 & 4, so I kind of knew the paths on most maps. But this campaign is kind of enjoyable to play again & again. & this new version made me feel like, "Oh man, this hellish environments bring me back to the old Silent Hill campaign I love.". Though the difficulty is still easier, this campaign gives similar sensations like when playing horror-themed campaigns like RE or Silent Hill. There are also objectives to collect items like other horror-themed campaigns.
    As this is a long campaign, I'll give an overview instead. This campaign takes place in woods, countryside, caves, streets, playground & inside buildings. Bot navigation is fine, but sometimes they'll fall into deadly pits or liquids if players walk too close. The supplies are enough, though it's a little difficult to find better guns on early maps. But there's a secret item on map 1 that can unlock a secret door with Tier 2 weapons. There are some challenges with a tank, but the tank's health is lower than usual & the places are quite wide so that's no problem. The street area really reminds me of Silent Hill, with the thick fog & exploration through street & buildings to find the paths. Most items have glow on them so they're not difficult to find.
    There are only 2 mysteries that I haven't solved yet, the 9th map, & the tank's bait on the 8th map. I can just guess that map 9 is a bonus map when completing a side quest on a map before entering a building. I didn't collect all the items on that map so, I missed the bonus map. I tested to go directly to that map, & it's about a cheese-like maze map. & another mystery is the tank's bait on map 8. I put it on the correct place, but there's nothing happening, so I just started the finale & finished the game.
    In short, it's a great horror-themed campaign for collection. The item-finding objectives here are still not difficult to find, as the areas are not too wide to collect them. I hope that there will be more campaigns like this in the future.

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