25 To Life

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  • kurochama

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    Short map but nice

    I only took less than an hour to finish this. 3 sub maps are kind of short to me but I enjoyed to the end. There are no serious bugs like terrible bot navigations or missing textures. The bot navigation is fine in overalls.
    One small problem lies on the finale. On my play, during the escape to the rescue, one of the bots got stuck near the river close to the rescue point & smashed to death by a tank. Luckily I used a mod that can carry both first aid & defib so after killing the tank, I revived him & we got rescued. The finale's difficulty is almost as difficult as the official "Cold Stream" map but I think "Cold Stream" is more difficult than this.
    Well, good work on the map :) .

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Version 16.0 Final

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