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    I believe this is one of the earliest ideas of porting a Resident Evil game map into Left For Dead world, but sadly, it was unfinished maybe due to the intervention of a new map created or added by Valve which was The Sacrifice. As a result, many puzzles entities were invisible and doors are easily opened by zombies or special infected while i can't open them myself which is so lame. The statue was invisible and that key above the fireplace was there, but couldn't see it either. However, i grabbed it lol. That armor key or whatever key was there led to my death and i was helpless with Zero guide. It got the spirit of Resident Evil thanks to settings and theme music that is always irresistible for me, but it's not finished and that one level is incomplete. Also, many rooms have nothing included and almost no guns to grab. It's a nice idea, but it was abandoned long ago.
    Guys, kindly check this link it's for the complete decent sweet work of Resident Evil  >> 
    Everything is clear smooth and makes you live the resident evil experience in all means....You will surely enjoy it and have Great fun. ^

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