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    Minecraft River Survival

    A small survival map I've made as a side project, it has different kinds of interactable features. I will probably add a castle later on or maybe a little ender area but for now it is playable. Hope you guys like it! You can build Cactu...

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    Minecraft Survival Map Pack

    A survival map pack I made sometime ago. Including the old Minecraft survival map. There are 5 maps in total. Note, there is no loadingscreen so it will use the default one.

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    Deathcraft II

    As the last minecart leaves the town, the survivors are forced to find another way to safety. This is a Left 4 Dead 2 campaign based on Minecraft. A short-medium length campaign. 2.1 released, hopefully there's no more broke...

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    Mines of the Living Dead - The Caves

    Currently it has no end, as there is no map to follow it quite yet! Follow me on twitter, @Micleee! There's a steam group under 'Mines of the Living Dead' as well. Best played on expert!


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