No Space 4 Zombies (Fixed)

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    Very Nice Campaign !!

    Just played this with Bots. Very few issues with Bot Navigation. I did recognize the beginning as Coal Blood but then it goes off on it's own with some large maps to go through. A lot of it is industrial or Office interiors with good graphics. The undead are paced well and sufficient supplies are scattered about to aid the players. 
    I had no issues with the ending. You do have to bounce from console to console to be able to open the launch bay doors in the roof that get "stuck" and need manual over ride. It's similar to other games so no big deal. By looking up you can see the hangar doors when they open and where the boarding ramp is located. When that door is open that's when it says the your escape is here. Head up to the shuttle. Louis got pounded on and knocked over the side by a tank so I left him. Surprising the other two Bots stayed with me inside the shuttle cabin. Once Louis died we launched and game was over.
    I found it to be an enjoyable campaign with a lot of new areas to pass through.
    Thanks for uploading another nice campaign to this site! I appreciate the work required to make a nice looking well balanced campaign.

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    • it was originally "Coal'd Blood", yes, from the first "Left 4 Dead".
      when the original author decided to do his original first port into Left 4 Dead 2, it became "No Space 4 Zombies" with the infamous shuttle ending.
      all Dave and I (and "Bianca") did was try to make various improvements and fixes to it due to its age (and the game's own age).
      it was plagued by a  lot of invisible/missing content that's happened to many good maps and campaigns over the years.
      unfortunate side effects caused by many updates Valve has made to the game over the years.
      glad to see more confirmation the ending works properly as intended.
      perhaps some people just simply need to pay more close attention to details and more trial and error to get it right.
      i'll have to consult with Dave again, but if I remember correctly, we didn't change the ending much, if at all, from how the author had it.
      the finale simply has multiple variations... randomized versions. maybe you also got lucky with an easier one.
      we had outlined some advice and tips for other players in the description.

      This comment was posted before the latest release.

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