Country Roads NC Mashup (Fixed)

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    Good mashup campaign to play

    I played this several times to check some things, & I never got bored replaying this. Bot navigation seems fine, & the supplies are enough. The directions are clear. There are some tank challenges put on every map, but they're still doable.
    On some maps, there are some glitches I found. On map 2 after turning on the van to break the barricade, survivors proceed to a building. Before the building, there's "supposedly" unavoidable alarm car to jump on it in order to go to the building, but players who love jumping around can pass that barricade without even jumping on the car. The barricade is short enough & there's a higher ground to make it possible to jump on it. Then on map 3 Queen City, there's also a glitch. In the beginning of map 3, players who love jumping around can jump on the fence in normal way & go down near the bus without having to pass the unavoidable burning alarm car, & because they can pass the alarm car, the tank challenge here can be skipped.
    Other than those 2 maps, things go well. And the finale brings back to my memories when playing the old Silent Hill campaign. However, I never got that ending as the old Silent Hill campaign I took was bugged & stopped on map 11 after entering the transition screen with statistic displays, one map before the randomly generated finale. Well, anyway, the rescue moment on this Country Road finale is unique & fun with that cow & flying saucer. I laughed for a moment knowing that glowing cow lol. & after checking the Mob Stadium that is set as the next chapter after this, suddenly I remembered a L4D1 campaign consisting of several maps with this stadium as the finale, but I forgot the campaign title.
    Anyway, it's a good campaign to play again & again with players or bots. I'm looking forward to other mashup campaigns.

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