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belle fire (aquarius)

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    Yeah... this is hot garbage. You take a sub-par campaign to begin with, combine it with two other random maps, and you get this. Don't even BOTHER playing this with bots, they're worthless; they get stuck on chapter 1, die instantly on chapter 2 and 3, and get in your way on the finale. Chapter 1 lacks direction but you'll find your way eventually. Chapter 2 is where it gets crazy. You're under constant threat by a tornado, the screen is constantly shaking and it's difficult to see, combined with that you of course get tanks and specials. You are required to find a switch and then another switch to progress in this map. Chapter 3 I had no clue what I was supposed to be doing, this campaign would REALLY benefit from game instructor hints that's for sure.. but anyways I skipped this one, onto the finale. Admittedly it's a cool boss fight. You have to aim for his weak spot which is the black and amber coloured polygon in its mouth, it's protected by his... "layers." Once it's defeated you must shoot the glowing yellow sphere, and then you can make your escape. Also the music is pretty sweet as well. So only redeeming chapter is the finale.. Yeah, skip this.

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