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  • EshmawyMan

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    You say it has a campaign mode while it's nothing and i don't even know if Survival works well there

    As a campaign mode player, i downloaded the campaign because it said it got two maps which means it is a campaign with a beginning and end. All i found was a 10 second first level with a safe room door opened and showing the next level and i guess i can move to next level before i end the first one lol. No point for testing new weapons on this campaign because only new weapon found there is the shield. Kept wandering around on second level and zombies were stuck down in first level only music and sounds of zombies coming out no end no call for rescue no panic events no special infected no tanks and the laser is just killing them and after you turn it off it doesn't work again so why would it be turned off and why it doesn't work again? No guide to where to go and i think it failed to work because it was mainly made as a survival map not a campaign. Fix your work before uploading or make your description clear please.

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