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    Very basic but neat campaign. The first chapter almost reminds me of "Super Mario 3D World" although I don't think it actually is. It's got a "cute" aesthetic I suppose, very basic but it works, it's charming. Chapter 2 is literally just backtracking but taking a slightly different path, and you deal with church guy, have fun cheesing the tank spawn. Chapter 3 is a weird one, so we take a shit from this initial aesthetic into the standard Hammer dev texture area with some minor objectives to complete. Then all of a sudden we transition to a portion lifted directly from "2019 Anniversary Edition." I hope the author got the author of 2019's credit to include this bit, because if not, it's literally shameless plagiarism. The finale is just a small arena with a concert holdout, really easy. Pretty short and sweet campaign, although the plagiarism here worries me a bit.

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  • Mod
    RealFoxyMan hunter

    Based of an OC from someone in Slendytubbies https://www.youtube.com/@realdudeman/featured

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  • Mod
    Shell Casing Sound Script

    Hindi ko ginawa ito. Kung nais ng may-ari ito ay ibababa ito ay aalisin. DESCRIPTION Simple script that add shell dropping sound to weapon fire. Only work on local host. This replaces the sawblade.stick and plasticbarrel.break sound...

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  • 4 Maps
    At the gloaming Ⅲ
    Beta 6.5

    黄昏时刻系列的第三部。在北方大桥对面的城区也爆发了感染,幸存者们被军方直升机抛弃,不得不另寻出路... The third installment of the <at the gloaming> series.There was also an outbreak of infection in the city across the Northern Bridge, an...

  • Guide
    How to throw gas cans farther

    Do you need to throw cas gans over something but cant reach with the normal M1? then this guide is (may be) for you, this method also applies to the Coca Cola, Chompski, Propane Tanks and Fireworks. This is an easy task when your staring...