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    Very basic but neat campaign. The first chapter almost reminds me of "Super Mario 3D World" although I don't think it actually is. It's got a "cute" aesthetic I suppose, very basic but it works, it's charming. Chapter 2 is literally just backtracking but taking a slightly different path, and you deal with church guy, have fun cheesing the tank spawn. Chapter 3 is a weird one, so we take a shit from this initial aesthetic into the standard Hammer dev texture area with some minor objectives to complete. Then all of a sudden we transition to a portion lifted directly from "2019 Anniversary Edition." I hope the author got the author of 2019's credit to include this bit, because if not, it's literally shameless plagiarism. The finale is just a small arena with a concert holdout, really easy. Pretty short and sweet campaign, although the plagiarism here worries me a bit.

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