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Temple Ruin

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  • kurochama

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    Would be a great campaign if zombies weren't too aggressive

    Actually this was 2nd time I played this campaign. The first time I played this was when I saw this in workshop months ago. Well, just like the title, this campaign would be a great & enjoyable one if the zombies weren't aggressive. The supplies are provided enough & bot navigation is good in overalls as they're only bugged when they try to ride on the rescue vehicle. The hints are enough.
    The only drawback that could ruin the fun is the panic events & the special infected spawn interval during panic event. There are lots of panic event in this campaign. Literally, you'll fight horde most of the time from map 1 to finale, like, when you press a switch, horde will come. When you step on a button on the floor, horde will spawn. When saferoom of certain maps is not far, there's escape event waiting & horde will spawn endlessly until you enter the saferoom, etc. Then the special infected spawn interval is almost like "Hard Eight" mutation, like, you almost have no time to rest when dealing with zombies + special infected during panic event.  It's not recommended to play with vanilla/ default bots, as they will be overwhelmed easily. Elite bots could still be able to handle them, but it still depends on the difficulty level, like, playing with bots in Expert will be almost impossible.
    Well, in short, for the best result, play this with more people & less bots. Or if you want to test it first, try it with bots in Normal or Easy difficulty first to check how difficult it is & make some tactics to beat this campaign first.

    Edited: July 2022

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