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    Playable, but it has some bot navigation & spawn problems

    Tested this and..., well, actually this campaign has some potentials. This campaign probably took references from some games like some racing & adventure games. because there's a racing course with some toy cars & some big mushrooms that remind about Mario Bros. Hints are provided enough though at certain areas players might still have no idea of where to go. Supplies are enough. Bot navigation is, well, not so bad but not so good either, like, they can follow players well at many areas but they don't have navigation at certain areas. Some areas are too lonely, because there might be some zombie spawn problems.
    Map 1 is about exploration through a racing course. There's a music players that has infinite loops when played, but I kind of like the music as it's like music for games for kid (probably music theme for the games that were used as the references). Unfortunately this map is too lonely. There's almost no wandering zombies along the way, & only special infected zombies greet with the normal spawn interval. There's a scavenge event, but it's also lonely as players can gather it peacefully without zombies getting in the way. The gascans can also be collected earlier.
     Map 2 takes place in woods with not so many trees. There are some missions to do, like turning on generators & operating a switch. The problem here is the infinite tank spawn. The tank only spawns one after the previous tank is killed. The area is wide enough to kite a tank, & there are also some ruins to do hide-and-seek with tank. Tank's spawn location is fixed but well, probably not all people would like the infinite tank spawns. It might be a little confusing after clearing the mission to press a switch, as the last mission is to look for a manhole. It glows, but because it's a small object, players might miss it when looking from afar.
    Map 3 is about exploration through valleys with flat textures. Probably it's intended to make it look like the games it took references from, but personally I prefer the real valley textures instead. The exploration is very long. This map also lacks some clues, like there's no clue about the teleportation device shaped as a tiled floor, a mission to destroy something, & the directions where to go. Bots can't detect the teleportation device, so when players are teleported, they're on their own at the new area, at least until the bots teleport automatically. There's a tank challenge near the end of map after teleportation, so, if players play with bots, they will fight tank on their own.
    Map 4 takes place at volcano area. There are some safe ground to jump to avoid lava. The lava only deals small but continuous damage, so when falling into the lava, players can still survive long enough. The real problem is the bot navigation. Bot navigation is broken here, as they can't follow players to jump from one rock to the other rocks & just stand still without doing anything, at least until players pass the lava area. There's a boss fight here, with some grounds shifting up & down. There are hints of where to shoot the boss.
    Then, map 5 has some static stone statues to destroy to proceed. There are some traps, but they're visible traps that can be avoided. The main problem here is the very long holdout finale. Even after some waves of tank end, the holdout event still happen for more minutes. The rescue unit also comes so slowly that players will have to fight more tanks before the rescue unit is ready.
    Well, in short, it's playable. The difficulty is balanced. Probably it would be more fun if some maps were not too lonely with very few zombies spawning.

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