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    Pretty bad campaign overall, horribly imbalanced and greatly favoured towards the infected. I'm assuming this was intended to be played on modded servers because even with a 4 player team, beating this on anything above normal difficulty can be very difficult. To start off on chapter 1, it's a very simple chapter and it introduces you to the campaign's gimmick, which is tacking a ride on a vehicle for a long stretch of distance whilst you're assaulted by the infected. This chapter actually plays well and is probably my favourite of the bunch. 
    Chapter 2 introduces a bit more free roaming, albeit in a very linear manner. There's a somewhat cool custom objective where you build a bridge, but it's very simplistic. 
    Chapter 3 is where the BS factor really gets turned up a notch. Oh and I forgot to mention, there's never any supplies in the saferooms which is just a really dumb design choice, because if you're low HP from the previous chapter, you have to hobble your way to wherever the supplies are located, which admittedly probably aint too far from the saferoom, but still, it's an unnecessary annoyance. The end of chapter 3 offers zero direction on where you're supposed to go after delivering the cola, so you're forced to restart once or twice to figure out the correct way to go.... I hope you have high willpower...
    Chapter 4 is extremely confusing to non-english speakers as you're given no direction on what you're supposed to do, I'm assuming the objective is layed out on the notice board outside the saferoom, but if you don't understand Chinese, you're ******. The chapter ends with another vehicle ride.
    Chapter 5 is even more nonsense, featuring a crap ton more tanks compared to before... limited supplies on a very long ride to the saferoom, and is pretty frustrating.
    The finale ends up being wayy easier than the previous chapters as you have a ton more breathing room thankfully, so at least it doesn't end on a headache too...
    Conclusion; avoid playing this with bots, if you have a 4 man team, you can maybe have some fun, but I wouldn't recommend it.

    Edited: September 2022

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