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如履薄冰:死亡之路 Glacier challenge: Death Road

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  • Multiple levels
  • High difficulty


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    Absurdly & and pointlessly difficult campaign. Compared to the original, it's "shorter" alright, but that's only in map length, because you will be dying far more often on this campaign compared to its predecessor. Tons of troll tank spawns (in the saferoom as well..), impossible unless you're playing on a modded server that favours the survivors, a huge guessing game ensures on chapter 2 onwards, as you have to guess the correct invisible path whilst smokers try and kill you... awful. The finale is just a super long survival section whilst an infinite array of tanks spawn from the centre of the map. Unfun, boring, unoriginal, waste of time.

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Version 1.0 Final

  • 2 Maps

    一时兴起做的亚利桑那州,该地图不可通关,只能在里面看风景,分为白天和夜晚版本。 The map of Arizona, which was created on a whim, cannot to play and can only be used to view the scenery. It is divided into day and night versions.

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