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逃逸森林 Fugitive forest

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  • kurochama

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    Basically a campaign with endless horde & more tanks to fight

    Just as the title said, it's a short campaign with endless horde & more tanks to fight. Even in map 2, each time survivors climb down a long ladder, there's a high chance that a tank will spawn somewhere in a certain vent. & accompanied with endless horde, the tank will be difficult enough to beat in Expert. There's also a certain very very long ladder in which special infected would start to spawn when survivors climb midway (this could be Chenchen's style of special infected trap?), so at least there will be one survivor getting strangled by smoker's tongue during climbing the long ladder. The finale also has longer time to wait until the rescue unit arrives after the rescue time is triggered, so prepare for more tanks to fight. My score here is simply for having no instant-death trap in this campaign. It would have been worse if there had been any instant-death traps. Well, in short, it might be playable in lower difficulty levels, but it's not recommended to play in Expert.

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