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逃逸森林 Fugitive forest

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  • DHenk

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    Excruciating Map you need to avoid !! (you've been warned)

    Terrible Campaign. I quit part way through 2nd map.
    Map #1 
    A) On easy you get a pistol and shotgun. No Med kits or other supplies were found. 
    B) Infinite Hordes with absolutely no break.
    C) Get inside the building and more infinite hordes but Specials start generating.
    D) Climb down that long ladder and as soon as you look down the narrow corridor a tank is coming. So 1 dead Bot and all
         survivors beat up bad with 1 dead and 2 in red.
    Map #2
    A) Well at least we start off with some supplies. Pistol and Machine gun. 4 First Aid Kits. 
         Unfortunately the first aid kits are needed to heal survivors from the Map #1 beat down.
    B) Leave the safe room and you have undead spawn behind you in the safe room so shut the door.
    C) Same non stop Hordes. You get down the ladder and go around the wall walkway to another ladder.
        Go down and forward and a tank Spawns. Great now we're in trouble as hordes are pouring down the ladder behind us.
        Tank tosses 2 survivors over the side before he dies. Before I get around the next wall walkway guess what?
        If you said 2 more tanks coming up the ladder to meet you and more hordes coming down behind you you'd win.
    I was so fed up with this nonsense I quit and deleted the map as a hopeless mess. Didn't even consider going to Map #3
    or attempting Map #2 again. Maybe with a Molotov to burn the 2nd and third tanks I'd take a shot at it. Insufficient fire power
    to deal with that many enemy targets at the same time.
    I did pause the game just to look at the graphics. Nothing special just extremely basic walls etc.
    Bottom line unless you're a glutton for punishment and a complete ********* I'd say it's a hard pass. Plenty of
    very good and much more fun maps on this site. (Try Presaro 2 as it's good).

    Edited: June 2022

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