Nightmare on Liberty Street

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  • kurochama

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    Too short although it has potentials to be better

    • @EshmawyMan:
      Actually map 2 of this campaign has a serious bot navigation problem like I mentioned on the review. Bots can't follow players after climbing a ladder in the beginning of map 2. On the finale, actually you can use the cars to avoid water. I jumped from one car to another because it would be bad if there's a special infected when walking in the water. & probably the author wouldn't come back, as the last update of this campaign was in 2011. But it's still possible to fix if there are other map makers willing to take over this campaign.
    • Hey i just played this map and i cursed a lot because it was SP & Expert XD No way to do it with Expert SP mode... I am writing a review soon just in case the author comes on. I replied to you on " White Forest " Campaign post...

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