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  • Endless Nine
    Endless Nine

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    Attention to detail.
    Scary map, something you don't see often.
    Good level design.
    Huge change from the first version, the flickering lights and sound effects are very good.


    A few minor layout issues, It seems a lot of the old issues have been fixed though.
    Buggy start, because it takes a while for the bots to realize how to get up out of the elevator.


    I'd love to see this as a campaign. If you were to further add to the map which i think is a good idea, I'd add more ambient sounds, more areas (perhaps multiple floors). The new areas make the map bigger, but the map is still a little bit cramped. Also the new details such as flickering lights and sounds changed this from being a standard office survival map, to something quite scary, I'm quite surprised.
    Despite what the trolls are saying, and they are trolls, this map is very high quality and I recommend a download.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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Version 1.2 Complete

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