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    Yeah, this campaign sucks. Chapter 1 has the survivors running from start to finish, avoid the MANY tanks, and having to break glass panes with their melee weapons along the way, which requires teamwork and co-ordination, so at the mapper suggests, don't play this campaign with bots. Chapter 2 Is a super long coin collecting mission, have fun trail and erroring this one... Chapter 3 was actually a pretty standard chapter for the campaign all things considered. Chapter 4 is easily the worst, the map is quite unoptimized, so prepare for bad ping. The survivors have to destroy 4 trees... for some reason... and they take quite a while to destroy, and have fun dealing with the constant hordes and tanks... Chapter 5 is another stinker, and is also quite laggy, although the reason being is you have to kill many NPCs in order to complete this chapter, and it's quite annoying, I'll give ya that. The finale is your typical gauntlet to the end, although again somewhat difficult. Unless you're looking to punish yourself I would strongly suggest you not play this campaign, unless you are your friends are masochists.

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  • 4 Maps
    King PlatteLAN

    King PlatteLAN A small 4 map, campaign i made long ago for a lan party for friends. Years later, i gave this mod some love, and heavy improvements for public launch, its still a short campaign, but fun for sure! Enjoy...

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    Custom Weapon Base For Custom Maps

    A new solution to use custom scripted weapons in custom campaigns. There were 2 methods to get custom weapons work in custom maps: Combining files of custom weapon base with custom campaign to 1 vpk, which could break some crescendo...

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