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  • Loot giving gnomes.
  • Insulting gnomes.
  • Stinky gnomes.
  • Map 5, the finale, you must board the train.
  • Pooters for healing.


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    Fun little 5 mapper. Chapter 1 is a pretty standard map as you make your way through an underground section, and have a little holdout section at the end. Chapter 2 is the shortest and features a relatively short holdout section. Chapter 3 is a pretty crazy one as you fight a lot of hordes as well as two tanks, and finally have a short gauntlet right at the end. Chapter 4 is also a pretty standard chapter, I don't really have anything to say about it. And the finale has a pretty interesting "set piece," I won't spoil it :). Pretty descent campaign, worth a try. The aesthetics aren't anything impressive, but it plays well, and isn't super ugly to look at or anything, that's what matters right? No issues on my end.

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Version 12.2 Final

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