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致小玉Love letter to Yu

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  • kurochama

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    One short campaign to enjoy

    Well, at first I expected this campaign to be long with such file size, but I didn't expect that it would end too fast. So far, this campaign is playable. The supplies are enough, though the area during the finale might need some supplies or at least ammo piles (I camped near the first aid kits so I had no idea if there's ammo supplies somewhere else). Bot navigation has no problem. Some events are easy to understand so I think people who play this campaign for the first time won't have a problem.
    Btw, some parts of this area seem nostalgic. For example, the first area inside a building reminds me of a Chinese campaign in workshop. I don't really remember the campaign name, maybe something like "Lost School". The difference is that in "Lost School", a scavenge event is waiting outside the building. I wonder if the author is the same as the one who made that campaign. & the finale slightly reminds me of a holdout event in "Farewell Chenming", one map before the finale. Well, it's just slightly similar, like when holding out while waiting the train in the subway.
    Well, I hope that someday this campaign would be extended to be like 3 or 4 maps long. The concept of love story between Ellis & Zoey seems interesting, & it would be great if there are developments on the story as more maps are added.

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    致小玉Love letter to Yu

    ///////// 此图只有一个章节 //////////// map llty 但是我把这张地图和之前做的“合肥 笔架山街道“合在了一起。发布在gamemaps上,整合版本一共四关。 地址链接:https://www.gamemaps.com/details/26994 1、下载文件 2、解压zip变成vpk文件 3...

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