Dead Getaway (L4D2)

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  • Bilbo_Swagg3nz

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    Good map, I just have a few small gripes.

    It's a good map. Solid theme, fairly well optimized, and really fun to play. Me and my friends had a blast! The only possible improvements to me are:
    1# In the first campaign, on the right side of the bridge and tunnel right outside the safe area, you are allowed to backtrack behind the buses and cars which leads to a dead end. I personally think it should either be blocked off, or you should hide a little secret back there.
    2# L4D2 weapons don't spawn in the saferooms
    3# In the third level, it wasn't very apparent where to go. I think the orange arrows guiding you should be larger and more abundant.
    4#In the last level there are death triggers in-bounds, which can be easily walked into.
    Aside from that the campaign is great. Keep up the good work

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