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    It just fails... I understand you're trying to emulate real life, but it just doesn't work in Left 4 Dead 2! This is what happens when you take assets from different games and such and attempt to use them in this type of game, it just doesn't work. Boring bland long tedious level design. A bit of a lack of supplies. Botnav errors every now and then. Just bad...

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    Barricade Script

    Barricade Script Keep in mind though, the simplest way around this is to go to the L4D2 menu and open console and write sv_cheats 1. After that write every items from below in your console and press enter. Then when you finish select a m...

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    download from steam l4d2 pirate

    go to steamwo rkshopdownlo ad er . io, i do spaces because gamemaps ban links go to your favourite mod and install the mod on addons copy link and paste it in steam workshop downloader thats all so GO TO STEAM WORKSHOP

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    Blue Archive Unwelcome School replaces Jockey R...

    Replaces Vassalation (Jockey Rides theme) with Blue Archive's Theme 07 "Unwelcome School composed by Mitsukiyo. This addon requires audio cache to be rebuilt and updated upon installation Instructions : 1. Backup "vassalationhit...

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    Future X-1 tank (from RA3)

    The Future Tank X-1 is a humanoid-esque, computer-operated vehicle available to the Allies in Red Alert 3 Uprising. The X-1 replaces boomer. (Only boomer)

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