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  • EshmawyMan

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    Loved it.

    So simple and fair i don't care if some say it is short or plain or copied from other campaigns. You presented new environment for me. It got some issues like the radio that got no job there or the switch in Chapter 1 after zombies broke through the door. In chapter 3, it was a bit long especially when we have to fight hordes and tank with no ammo piles waiting sooner and i had to fight tank with my pistol while all bots were dead. Felt i would retry that chapter but i gladly finished the whole campaign on Expert Single Player Mode playing it for the first time in 47 minutes with no restarts. 
    Finale was not good enough to be honest, but i care more about passing it :p you better make it harder because i adore challenges and  i guess there are so many out there who love it in a certain way or limit. Good Luck

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