Final Days Alone

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    -Nice Design of the map
    -Cool Interface and Camping Spot
    -Mixed Selections of Uncommon Infected
    -MG Turrent is proven VERY useful for once
    -Cycles of weather
    -Fun to play in coop


    -Map was too small
    -All infected come from one spawn point, not interesting
    -Special Infected are easy to spot and kill
    -Can get boring quickly (especially in single player)


    I kind of liked the survival map. I read the description and I understand this is your first map so let me explain the details of how your map turned out to me ShadowOasis. The design of the map is pretty great, especially the camping spot. The MG Turrent was also useful for once, especially against the whole horde, I did not get attacked from behind like in other survival maps. The uncommon infected were also a real challenge, especially since they have special abilities and sense. Although, the map did have a few problems. First, I would like to repeat the design and pattern of the map is pretty good except for the entire fact it is pretty small. Due to this con, it leads to the next that all infected come from one spawn point, which is the huge window above. I easily used the MG to kill all the zombies before they could land on the surface of the room. Maybe, you could have added holes in the walls or in the roof. Though, you did this on purpose and it is pretty fun for a change of zombie position. Although, for a beginner, you are pretty good at this map and the cons cannot beat the pros for this time. I recommend this map for others to try out and play, even though it will get boring quickly, it's worth trying out.

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