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New World Order 2

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  • EshmawyMan

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    I Thank you! Finished in 1hr, 14min & 0 Restarts in Expert Single Player Mode.

    Checkout my complete walk-through for this campaign through the link below:
    Copy the URL, Remove \ from (h\t\t\ps) & (c\o\m) & Press Enter
    I thank you so much because this version didn't make me waste my game play and I finally got rescued. The irony is about the fact there is another version called "New World Order 2 - Fixed" by Herbius where we have a stuck finale door and it was my first time to play the campaign and I got totally new different chapters that came before finale from ch1 to ch4. Total Restarts was 5 until I realized that the rescue door wouldn't be shut. I gave that map the worst rating and I can see Herbius is now suspended or banned. I hope I know why.
    Your campaign went smoothly and I found 0 troubles, playing it until I got rescued and it deserves 10/10 although many comments and reviews mentioned that the safe room door wasn't shut so I just imagined that your campaign was literally like that one edited by Herbius. I also read something about making that truck work to open door so I was interested and yes, I found it started in a totally different way so I knew I was going to play a new campaign, except for the finale so I give it a try.
    Ch1: it was completed with 0 Restarts & 0 Damage. This is a record for a chapter I play for the first time on Expert Single Player Mode.
    Ch2: I got the first hit from back, which is -10 HP and it was completed with 0 Restarts.
    Ch3: I lost Bill in the very beginning due to a mistake and I got multiple hit, but didn't use a kit until the finale.
    Ch4: it was the only chapter that I had an idea about because I played before and was surprised that door was working :) But if you check my video, I was about to die by a smoker in a bad way that would screw my record of 0 Restarts, but I survived. 
    Your campaign is 4 maps while that one by Herbius with a stuck lame rescue door got 5 maps/chapters, which made his campaign version longer and it was harder in a way and it all went in vain when I didn't see the game statistics that prove my campaign performance.
    Thank you again & keep it up.

    Edited: July 2023

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