Coast To Coast

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  • Marcusyaho

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    Navigation is more smoother now
    The sky and mountains is fitting pretty good with the map layout
    Several "god spots" removed
    Decent amount of supplies
    Weapons are not floating anymore


    Why in the world does it say "GLITCH!!" for? You do realize "glitches" is something you DONT want in a map, right?
    Radio & table seems wierdly placed
    Why the home is blowing up is still wierd, but at least we can be up there for 5:30 minutes now
    Lack of ambient and sounscapes
    Map itself is pretty smal with few details
    Ping goes up a little bit during the explosion, but it might just be my lazy as* computer xD


    Review v2
    It seems like you improved this map alot! Its finally possible to say its playable, with better navigation and better done in overall. 
    I still dont understand why "the home" is blowing up. I did not remove any points for it, but I really dont get it...
    And why did you add a glitch? You do realize "glitches" is something authors normaly try to remove, right? ^^
    Anyway, good update!

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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