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Wings of Darkness

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  • kurochama

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    Nice "Silent Hill" concept, but many things need fixing

    The concept about "Silent Hill" environments is good. Unfortunately, there are still many things to fix, like:
    1. Invisible walls in map 1 & 2.
    2. Bugged common infected's spawn (most of the time, they either stand still or don't spawn at all)
    3. Bugged special infected's spawn (they are often stuck somewhere or behind a locked door.
    4. Items & switches don't glow.
    5. Many empty areas & rooms (it feels like middle quality between orange campaign & well-made campaign, more to imperfect campaign that still needs some works).
    6. Less to no clue about the items & switches.
    7. Many "Error" signs in map 1 even after using "Halflife Texture".
    In short, compared to old "Silent Hill" campaigns, this one is the incomplete version. There's nothing much to expect except exploration & puzzle-solving missions (this reminds me of "The Divide" campaigns that also focus more on exploration & puzzle-solving missions). Unfortunately, this campaign is discontinued so any further updates are impossible, unless if the author is back or there are some people willing to either fix this campaign or use some of the maps as a mashup campaign.

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Version 1.5 Beta

  • Mod
    Crack Kid Hit Sound

    Replaces the "shove-sound" or "hit-sound" of the player. Audio's names are "rifle_swing_hit...".

  • 4 Maps
    Green Walls

    This is a small four chapter campaign in which the survivors will have to make their way through the dark corridors and alleys of the Green Walls complex and escape by refueling a truck with various interactive elements and panic events.