Prototype Mk 3

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  • LilG

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    Challenging & unbalanced but it has its charm

    Plenty of weapons,supplies.
    Custom Tank music
    A tron like environment.
    It was pretty straightforward
    No glitches/errors on each part
    The near non stop hordes when you cross the lines got annoying when you're trying to reach the end.
    The colours of each part really hurt my eyes after a while.
    Weird Witch placements on some maps,they were either right in the maze or even where you can hit the switch for the wall. 
    Finding switches was pretty just hugging the walls until I found something,could you make it more clearer?
    Tank spawns felt very weird,I had pairs of Tanks spawn behind me right before or after a safehouse.
    I was challenging but I feel like the horde & Tank spawns need some balance,apart from that it was fun.

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