Aztec Temple

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  • Wileym

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    Doesn't seem like anything more than a demo. Short and unattractive.

    The repetitive play and single map implies that the original author never intended this to be a legitimate campaign. My guess is that the author was merely exploring how he could bend the Counter-Strike:Source code to work with Left 4 Dead. Play it if you choose, but don't expect much.

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Version 1.2 Complete

  • Mod
    Printstream Weampos Collection For L4D2

    Printstream Weampos Collection For L4D2 Printstream AK 47 Replace AK Printstream M4A1-s Replace M16 Printstream AWP Replace AWP Printstream USP-s Replace Pistols Printstream DEAGLE Replace Magnum

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    custom map based on Hadley's Hope from Aliens 1986 movie, you must fight multiple enemies while trying to remote control a spaceship to escape aboard. this map have Co-op and Survival mod this map have: Turret System [Prefab] by Rectu...

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    Counter Strike: Source skyboxes (for l4d1 and l...

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