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Shore Rescue

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  • kurochama

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    Short but explorable & good campaign

    Despite the short length of each map, this campaign is explorable. There are some alternative paths on most maps. The supplies are balanced as well.
    There's only one problem on the finale. The rescue boat is kind of strange. One of my bots suddenly died when we tried to jump on the boat. I usually waited until the boat stopped because I got a bad experience in Hard Rain official campaign when I got hit by the boat & died. In this campaign, the boat seemed normal. I jumped & waited the bots. Suddenly one of the bots shouted "Ellis...!!". When I looked at the health bar, Ellis's health bar was already crossed in blood red lines. Didn't have a chance to search where he had died, because we suddenly entered credits as the last bot entered the boat. Maybe I'll try the finale again later to check the boat.
    • In my 3rd try, I used Ellis in Singleplayer because Ellis kept dying. When the boat arrived, I jumped safely on the boat, & Coach followed, but the rest of bots got stuck. I repeated by jumping back, walking to the tent & then jumping on boat again, but this time 3 of them got stuck. Then when I repeated it in 3rd try, 2 of them jumped, but Nick jumped & slipped, & then he fell into the water & died. Maybe to fix it, it's either to make the wooden stairs higher, set the boat lower, or make bots able to jump spontaneously on the boat.
    • Oh I think I figured out the boat problem in my 2nd try. The bots have hard time in jumping on the boat. When I jumped on the boat & looked closely, the bots got stuck at the tip of the boat, & again, Ellis slipped & fell into the water. Even after I ran to the farthest location on the boat, bots still got stuck, unable to jump.

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