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    Cool campaign! Campaign offers a choice between playing in normal mode and a new "Chaos" mode, I opted for normal of course but there are also a few choice paths later on in the campaign that you can take as well, with the two difficulty options, I do like the choices provided. Only issue I ran into was bots may teleport into I assume it's the Chaos difficulty supply area on the finale, and well, you're stuck unless you're on Chaos difficulty, forcing a restart. Other than that lots of fun, moderately difficult campaign but plenty of supplies and no other issues to be found, good stuff!

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Version 3.1 Final

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    少女前线燃烧瓶 Girls frontline Molotov

    "新人第一次创建 有些许瑕疵的地方 请多包涵 该产品有夜光效果 亮度有点高 待找到合适的方法后 在进行修改. There are many defects in the first time you create the luminous product. The brightness is a little high. It will be modified after fin...

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    At the gloaming Ⅲ
    Beta N/A

    这是黄昏时刻系列的第三部,幸存者们被飞机抛弃,只好在如地狱般城市求活...... 当前进度(2/4),敬请期待完整版。 建图代码 ATG3_m1_oldtown ATG3_m2_bylane 注:m2使用了其他起源地图模板

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    Sentry Floating Turret EX replaces Baseball Bat

    This one is another variant of the existing "Sentry Floating Turret". I just did some experiments for fun because I wanted exploding laser shot, & somehow I succeeded. This EX (extreme) version has a special laser ammo that explodes only...

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    Minos Prime (Charger Replacement)

    Replaces the charger with Minos Prime from ULTRAKILL. Includes custom sounds and music. If you want to put this into workshop, go ahead. Just don't forget to credit. Credits for LordCthulhu814 for the original model from GMOD works...

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