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Chaos Theory - L4D2 Extended Version Fixed

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  • OWM2_M_B

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    I don't like these fast-paced L4D1 style campaigns. The details aren't pleasant enough for me. The design is unique and okay, but the finale is way too easy, and if everyone dies on the final map, survivors will spawn in a dark area and be unable to get out. The final map also has even worse details compared with the previous two maps.

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Version 3.1 Final

  • 7 Maps
    Baka 2 - 「Purely Torture Hell」

    The follow up of my very first map on l4d2 It's a really terrible trolling map dont play it This map literally took me almost 300 hours (half of it used for afk wtf) to finish this so please play to the end with your friend if you c...

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    Printstream Weampos Collection For L4D2

    Printstream Weampos Collection For L4D2 Printstream AK 47 Replace AK Printstream M4A1-s Replace M16 Printstream AWP Replace AWP Printstream USP-s Replace Pistols Printstream DEAGLE Replace Magnum Printstream M4A4 Replace M16

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    How to throw gas cans farther

    Do you need to throw cas gans over something but cant reach with the normal M1? then this guide is (may be) for you, this method also applies to the Coca Cola, Chompski, Propane Tanks and Fireworks. This is an easy task when your staring...