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  • EshmawyMan

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    Thank you. No bugs encountered.

    Finished it in 30 minutes on Expert Single Player Mode for the first time playing with no death and 100 HP from chapter 1 to until I got on train on finale. Luckily, everything was smoothly working and no bugs found. Finale was the easiest. Yes, your campaign is easy with 0 panic events to add, but you did a good job porting a map from a game to another game like that. I never played Counter Strike, but I know many people love it and I believe I will love it too if I do as it's a classic shooting game :) 
    I could find there are some areas that we can visit beyond safe room in chapter 1, but didn't check them fully and went to safe room. On chapter 3 (finale), it was a really big maze-like finale as I thought it was going to be that tough fighting two tanks on 1 wave and so on, but it came out to be the easiest. I stayed in the safe room once I summoned the rescue, which was just a train taking time to be turned on lol.
    Why is the ending credits showing the background used for Dead Line2 map? Dead Line2 is shorter, but really harder in a way :) 
    I broke a record of playing a custom map of 3 chapters on Expert Single Player Mode for the first time and I could keep HP with no hits :) 
    Check my YouTube playlist, playing your map through the link below:
    Just copy the link, remove ( \) Between letters of h\t\t\ps, w\w\w & c\o\m, then press Enter
    Thank you! & I hope I find more & harder maps made by you. Keep it up!

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