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  • EshmawyMan

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    Thank you, but there are serious bugs.

    Finished it on Expert Single Player Mode in 3 hours, 36 minutes & 14 Restarts. Here is the link to my YouTube playlist playing this campaign, 5 videos for 5 chapters from chapter 1 to chapter 5:
    Just copy the link, remove ( \) Between letters of h\t\t\ps, w\w\w & c\o\m, then press Enter
    I wanted to give less rating, but as long as I could do it, 3\5 stars is a good rating. this work lacks guidance and directions while hordes keep coming or alerted for nothing. Restarted first chapter only once because I took the wrong direction and I could beat it from first time as I was close to safe room. 
    This work has an annoying spawning of 3 special infected together it's like you want to make it harder for players and that was on chapter 2, which is considered the unluckiest chapter for me to restart 5 times till I luckily did it. 
    Chapter 3 was the longest, the darkest and the hardest, but I managed to do it from first time. Chapter 4 was hard too and I did it from the first time too.
    Chapter 5 was played once with bots, then when I restarted all bots are dead & no console commands could work to bring them back so after spending like 2 hours and half keeping the progress on that campaign, I have to quit and start with bots only from the final chapter and lose all  track of time? No, sorry! I had to do it all alone without bots and it was hard as I restarted it 7 times and only once while playing with bots. Such a bug should be fixed before releasing such a campaign or uploading it to more users. Even the chopper is bugged and I was about to fall again and restart the whole chapter for one annoying bug like that as the chopper didn't fly when I was inside it, but it worked when I was standing next to it on the left side. 
    Thank you for uploading it anyway, but the rating is always there along with the review so that any necessary updates should take place.

    Edited: August 2022

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