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  • kurochama

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    One of great campaigns about Italy to play

    This is sure one of great campaigns that is as good as the famous old campaigns. The latest update finally fixed the random crash problem in map 4. Supplies in this campaign are enough. There are also some spots that give good weapons in early play if players explore carefully. Bot navigation is fine. Hints & directional arrows are also clear so players won't have a problem in finding the paths.
    There are many explorable places to check for supplies. Some maps are long enough to be almost as equal as 2 maps long, but it's no problem as enough supplies are provided & players can enjoy the views around while exploring. There are some missions in certain maps, but the hints are clear enough so players should have no problem. The finale is long but fun, as players can run while enjoying the scenery, & the difficulty is balanced.
    In short, this campaign is very recommended to play with bots or friends. If you have ever played great campaigns about some countries like "Tour of Terror", "Day Break", "Farewell Chenming", "Cambalache Buenos Aires" etc, this one is also as good as those famous campaigns. This campaign can't be missed to play.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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