Fall in Death

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    Really fun and beautiful campaign... until finale.... a wasted potential

    All Four maps are really beautiful
    Random Path in map 1 and 2 actually pretty good, have some replay value
    Maps are large, with some item scatter around, pretty rewarding for the curious player who loves explore
    While the layout seem confusing but surprisingly navigatable
    The cogwheel has some collision issue, It may sometimes be stuck inside other props that prevent you from picking and progress.
    The sacrifice button remain locked, even I force all three survivor bots to frozen inside the cable car, I can only succeed by smashing the use button and with some lucks
    This campaign may be fun if you got all human player, but is really frustrated if you play in singleplayer (I always have to use admin system to deal with this issue), I could give this campaign five stars, but unfortunately for me, the finale completely ruined all the fun I had in previous three maps, a really wasted potential.

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