Unforgivable Night

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    Enjoyable small campaign

    This campaign actually has 4 maps. The tag has wrong number of maps, probably will be fixed later by the author. It's a kind of enjoyable campaign. Just like the title, it's a long night to pass. Bot navigation is good & supplies are enough. Even there are several vomitjars on each area. The directions & hints are clear, but somehow the finale has similar problem to the prequel, but I'll explain that later. Zombie spawn locations are somehow intriguing & unpredictable as they can also jump from the top of buildings, & that makes the play more challenging.
    Map 1 is about exploration through bridge & cliffs. The bridge reminds me of either The Parish or Crash Course, a good spot for charger to push one or some survivors out of the bridge. The paths are clear so survivors just need to follow the trails.
    There are another bridge & cliffs on map 2. Sometimes tank is spawned on the bridge, but there's enough space to run back so it's no problem.
    Map 3 has the sensation of mixed explorations between the road of No Mercy and Parish, the rooms inside the hospital & the exploration on the rooftop. The paths are clear. Somehow there are less rooms for hiding from horde during walking on road, so walls are the only options to protect from the attack from behind, though zombies can also jump from the top of building.
    The finale is kind of fun. It's a concert on the rooftop. However, it's kind of open area with very few places to camp as there's no accessible room at all. The best location to camp is probably the stage itself, as there are enough supplies. But one charge from a charger could bring a survivor down to the bottom of the building or in other words, an instant death. There are some problems here similar to the prequel. When pressing the switch to start the concert, there's no hint whether the finale is started or not, but actually it's started. The Midnight Rider songs somehow aren't timed well so tank theme may override when one of the songs is still playing. Second song is played after quite long silence. There's no sign about when the rescue unit arrives, so probably it's better to add a notification about the arrival of the rescue unit like usual (though survivors can see the rescue unit from the stage).
    In short, this campaign playable with bots & players. I kind of like how the zombie spawn locations are made unpredictable during panic even & even they jump from the top of buildings & cliffs. Good job in making the campaign, & I hope that the problems on the finale can be fixed later.

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