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  • kurochama

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    Would be a good campaign if the endless horde were fixed

    Well, aside from the endless horde on almost all maps, this campaign could be a good one. The endless horde makes it unplayable in Expert. Moreover, the number of mob in this campaign is modified, probably twice or three times more than the default number of mob, in which that causes lags on most maps especially map 4. Bot navigation is actually fine, & the supplies are more than enough.
    There's a scavenge event on map 2 that has a serious bug. The bug is, players can gather gascans first, & at the same time they can pour the gascans. On one side, it could be beneficial as collecting gascans early could give survivors advantages, but on the other side, if survivors pour the gascan before the gascan counter shows up, the scavenge event will be bugged as survivors will have insufficient number of gascans that they have no choice but to restart map 2.
    The other things that could cause frustration on some players are the lack of glow on some items & lack of instructions. For example, on map 1, after getting out of the apartment, survivors meet a dead end with a fence blocking the way with endless horde greeting the survivors. In my play, I took more than 10 minutes wandering & fighting the endless horde while trying to find out how to pass the fence. There's no glow, no instruction. When I thought that my luck ran out, I tried to press E on any objects near the fence, and......, a blockade suddenly slided to the left. Not only that, the other item-finding missions also lack instructions, especially some missions to use c4 to destroy blockades on certain maps. Players could miss the c4 because there's no instructions, at least until the c4 is picked.
    Other things that could give some goosebumps are the tank & witch traps on certain maps. For example, there are some tank traps that spawn a tank or twin tanks when survivors enter certain areas. My clue is, watch out for an alarm car near a ladder. As for witch traps, there are several, but one of them is a dangerous trap because a group of 4 or 5 witches will spawn instantly in certain building. For this one, my clue is, watch out for a building with several custom melee weapons & chainsaw with custom skin in it.
    For the endless horde problem, the most terrible endless horde is on map 3. The mob size is super here, like twice or three times more than usual. This happens during escaping near the end of map. The number of zombies in the horde are so many that they cause heavy lag. Even horde spawns inside the saferoom at the end of map.
    The last bug is on the finale. If survivors press E on radio & then run back to the saferoom, there's a chance that no horde comes, but tank & special infected still come. It becomes a lonely finale that players can wait until the rescue helicopter comes.
    Well in short, the main problem of this campaign is the endless horde on almost all maps. If that one is fixed, this campaign could become a good one. The instructions/ hints on some missions might also need to be added.

    Edited: September 2022

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