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  • kurochama

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    Enjoyable, though the finale is a little lonely

    Tested twice, & this campaign is enjoyable. Bot navigation is good at most areas. Supplies are enough. The survivor zombies also help a lot in providing some supplies. The directions & instructions are clear. There are some bugs including the finale, but I'll explain later.
    Map 1 takes place at village at night. There are some explorable buildings to look for supplies. At the first spawn, survivors have no primary weapons so they need to search every building.
    Map 2 has similar sensation like certain areas in "The Parish" campaign, but with different taste of adventure. There are many building & doors, but unfortunately most doors are inaccessible. Probably it would be more fun if there are more accessable buildings.
    Map 3 has several bridge events. The bridge events are like the finale of "The Parish". Some areas remind me of "Cold Stream" campaign. There's a "fixed" challenge here somewhere. Make sure to listen to the music.
    Map 4 is also about exploring through building, fortress & down the hill. There's a holdout event that I think it's kind of fun. The holdout event is at a fortress with a howitzer, but the fun is the howitzer. If you're lucky when shooting it, you can see something fun :D .
    Then, the finale is actually interesting, but there are some bugs needed to fix. The finale works, but the mob spawn is still less frequent. For example, when going up the stairs to the hallways, there are less zombies coming to chase survivors. Special infected sometimes come late. But the helicopter on the new version is fixed & now works properly, & the propellers rotate properly too. The stats on credit screen also works now
    Well, in short, this campaign is playable from the beginning to the finale. It's a good one to enjoy playing with bots or other players.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

    • I'm looking forward to the update then. I'm kind of curious of how the fixed finale would look like. & I'll update the review about the finale after testing the next update.

      This comment was posted before the latest release.

    • I already have a new vpk with a fixed final but the update does not work for me, I can update tomorrow

      This comment was posted before the latest release.

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