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    Pretty cool campaign! It has a lot of cool custom stuff which I wont spoil, but the author was certainly creative here. It starts off like a typical L4D1 map, Blood Harvest assets, which I honestly didn't expect. You are eventually treated to a custom event, which doesn't spam hordes at you, so you can take your time, but bear in mind this particular event will take you out of the action for a little while, depending on how long you take :). Only thing I don't like about chapter 1 is an unnecessary scripted charger spawn at the end in the saferoom, no need for that crap. Chapter 2 is a super long chapter which takes you underground, and it's pretty awesome and tricky to get through. What REALLY surprised/shocked me is the author legitimately used ZERO boss spawns (Although perhaps that's because it's unfinished?). That's right I couldn't believe it myself. Yeah chapter 2 is a lot of fun. The finale is a little walk to a scavenge event, and it's REALLY easy, the hordes are almost non-existant and as I've said, no boss spawns. It doesn't take long as there's only 9 cans (Also for some reason the game reported three of us dying, which wasn't the case, weird.). Honestly, with all that being said, don't be afraid to make it harder, this ones a little... too easy-going, but obviously don't go too crazy, but feel free to add some director boss spawns and make the finale a bit more challenging. As for issues, there's some missing models and textures, but thankfully they don't interfere with the gameplay, and there really only on the finale ( a few exceptions) so it's only an eyesore. Overall; worth a play, give it a shot.

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