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    + Cool environment. Cabin in the woods is creepy and the swamp adds danger to navigating the forest.
    + Lots of Special Infected, which sounds like a minus but is actually really fun. Smokers are scary as hell in the forest.
    + Map is big enough, it doesn't waste space just for the sake of wasting space. You won't get lost easily which is good for a survival map.
    + Actually room to breathe every once in a while.
    + Lots of throwables.


    - I only saw the auto-shotgun and auto-sniper, pistols, and an axe as weapons. While it's not realistic to have any more than that, it is unfortunate you can't get an assault rifle.
    - One of my bots got stuck at the helicopter crash. Just wouldn't move.


    Overall this is a pretty cool map. It's a solid survival map which gives an eerie vibe and the foilage and swamp adds extra danger to the mix. There's nothing wrong with it, but it didn't knock my socks off with detail either.  My critique would be to add an assault rifle somewhere and maybe add another area besides the cabin and heli-crash. Great job!

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