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City 17 Revamped

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  • Alternating events and maps
  • Suitable for replayability
  • Port from Half-Life 2 : Episode One maps
  • Day and night time


  • RaphasTesha

    Posted this review


    A more difficult alternative version

    Chapter 1+2 cramped a lot of events like gaunlet, scavenge, panic; even chapter 2 spawn a tank after we get out of the elevator in a tide space. I think you should reduce CI spawn rate and lower SI respawn time. Very frustrating when playing with bots
    Chap 3+4 added more place to explore, some small missions and almost no gameplay change
    chap 5 just a defend finale, the train is on the left instead. No gameplay change
    Overall chapter 1+2 is more challenging, the rest has no big different in gameplay

    Edited: 2 days ago

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