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Cold Front

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  • Snowy theme
  • 5 maps long
  • Original soundtrack
  • Voice acting
  • Custom infected
  • Dynamic survivor conversations
  • Brand new NPC implementation


  • Popiquake

    Posted this review


    New but should be a classic

    Immediately I must give praise to all the reskins that this campaign has done; also all the compliments on the 3rd map for making it the most unique experience I have seen in this game in a long time and all the compliments for making the best snow themed campaign out there (at least for me). The whole campaign feels like Valve made if they decided to make one snow based map. It is fun to play, diverse, balanced and has excellent bot navigation. Only complaint is in the later part of the campaign where the layout quality drops a bit in terms of roads traveled. Still an excellent campaign that I would gladly replay a few times over and probably will. 

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Version 1.1 Complete

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