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Beginners luck

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  • kurochama

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    Good short campaign to enjoy

    Well, the title is Beginner's Luck, but I think the author here has more than just luck. The campaign, although it's rather short, is well made. There's no bot navigation error. Some areas are low on grenade supplies, & map 1 lacks first aid kits. The directions & hints are clear.
    Map 1 is about exploring some building to reach the maze garden. There are some witches roaming around. Special infected gets more benefits in the maze.
    Map 2 has sewer part. There is an alarm door event near the end of the map, & survivors need to run all the way to the saferoom. Beware of witch, & small/ crouching special infected, as they can hide in the water & suddenly jump on you.
    The finale is kind of short. It's a holdout finale, but quite challenging. There are some good place to camp. The challenging part happens after the 2nd tank is dead. The rescue time takes a little longer than usual, so, at least survivors will face 1-2 more tanks during waiting the rescue unit to arrive. Sometimes if players go to the store's roof, bots will stay there waiting for the rescue unit. When that happens, they become easy targets to special infected & tank. So, you have no choice but to let the special infected & tank punch them while covering them with fire from safe places.
    In short, it's a good short campaign to enjoy.

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