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Never Ending War: Chapter 3

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  • EshmawyMan

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    Thank you. Finished in 3hrs, 5min & 8 Restarts on Expert Single Player Mode

    Checkout my complete walk-through for this campaign through the link below:
    Copy the URL, Remove \ from (h\t\t\ps) & (c\o\m), then Press Enter
    Ch1: It was completed with 0 Damage & 0 Restarts... Only melee with pistols used by bots. Lost Nick after witch game him a hug. 
    Ch2: It was completed after 1 Restart. 0 Damage received on the attempt when I finished it. 
    Ch3: It was completed after 5 Restarts and you really trolled players with that fake safe room. It was well done. I thought it was an unlucky spawn, but came out to be a scripted tank over there. This chapter is the longest.
    Ch4: It was completed after 2 Restarts and I can say this chapter was the hardest in the entire campaign although it's considered the shortest, but a panic event followed by a tank or even including a tank to fight on the way to move out of prison makes it really really hard. Didn't expect it to be that short, but I can see you made it balanced in terms of length after that war :D I can remember that prison from maps "Dead Military 2" or "Grave Outdoors" I love when I encounter the same place, but from another perspective just like Echo Evac & Blood Harvest or The Sacrifice & The passing :) 
    Ch5: It was the easiest chapter in this campaign and one of the easiest finales because we got zombies coming form one direction and that safe room that helped a little. 
    This campaign is better than the previous 2 campaigns "Beginning Hours" & "Frozen" in terms of bugs as it's almost free from bugs. 
    Yes, I got some bots navigation bugs, but it was alright for me. Some supplies were flying in the air, but it didn't affect my performance on an Expert difficulty game. 
    Hope I play your next chapter of the story soon because I just encountered this chapter "Never Ending War" and had to play the previous 2 chapters to follow up with the story from beginning.
    Hope you are fine and keep it up.

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